Friends come from afar丨Yilin Huaer welcomes delegations from all over the world

Last Saturday, by the Mayor of Caterban Surreka Jebal Redhoa, Deputy Mayor of Caterban M. Ayakanu, and Chief Executive Officer of Caterban City, Vinesshing Sipa The study group formed by THAAD came to Yilin Huaer for inspection and friendly exchanges.

That day coincided with the Yilin Huaer’s weekend class. The delegation participated in the Yilin Hua’er welcoming activities, visited the Yilin Hua’er Changsheng campus, watched various professional classrooms, and had an in-depth understanding of Yilin Hua’er’s charming eloquence, leader Tongsheng and other brand professional core teachers. Fa and friendly interaction with our teachers and students.

The Mayor of Caterpong Sureka, Jabar Redhoya, highly praised Ilin Wall. The two sides discussed international study tours, docking international advanced teaching and other issues, which laid a good foundation for future transnational cooperation, mutual trust and emotion. basis.